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Singer, Songwriter, Mother, Sister, Teacher

Jannel Rap has opened her heart and her music to what might be possible. Her mission: use the power of music to create awareness for missing people and a door of hope for their families. She is the founder of the GINA for Missing Persons FOUNDation. Jannel has shared the stage with Nickel Creek, Loudon Wainwright III, Sophie B. Hawkins, John Waite, Lowen and Navarro, Hal Ketchum, Don McLean, Susan Gibson and more.

Jannel's 5th CD, ka-lai-do-schope, was picked as one of the Top CDs of 2005 by the Orange County Register. Her fourth album, Blue, was also chosen by the Orange County Register as one of the top three releases of 2001. Selected as an honored Alumni from her high school, her picture now sits next to Senator Robert Kerrey's. She has contributed her songs to raise money for organizations like Loma Linda and Teammates Mentoring.

Majoring in music at North Central University in Minneapolis, Minnesota, Jannel is a music teacher as well as a performing artist. Some of Jannel's students have had featured roles in movies and gained record deals. Under her Producer hat, she has presented GINA Concerts, the GINA Songwriter Contest, and the Squeaky Wheel® Tour, to name a few. She co-created and co-produced the television series America Lost and Found with jeffrey Casey, a Clementine bandmate.

On October 17, 2024, the state of Nebraska will honor Nebraska Missing Persons on the first annual "Nebraska Missing Persons Day". The ceremony will be held in Lincoln, Nebraska. Governor Jim Pillen and Senator Danielle Conrad will be part of the ceremony. Both the governor and senator were integral to the passing of the bill to add this significant day to Nebraska's state calendar. October 17, 2000 was the day that Jannel's sister, Gina Bos disappeared after playing at an open mic night in Lincoln. This date is significant to her family and will now be significant to the state. The hope is that by placing this date on Nebraska's calendar, awareness of Nebraska's missing persons will resolve cases and bring comfort to their families.



In Action


GINA for Missing Persons FOUNDation

Founder of GINA (www.411GINA.org). GINA's mission is to educate the public by utilizing enterainment to create awareness and media attention for missing persons world-wide, and to offer a source of information to help people whose family members become missing. By opening their hearts and doors, those in the music industry and the sponsors who participate are promoting an ongoing effort of raising awareness.

The Squeaky Wheel® Tour

"Not one human being is insignifcant, faceless, or nameless. The whole world should feel a void if one of us is missing." - Jannel Rap, 2000.The Squeaky Wheel® Tour is a yearly event, produced by GINA for Missing Persons, presented by talented musicians worldwide performing shows in their area that focus on highlighting missing persons.

CALeTs (California Entertainment Trade Solutions)

This Entertainment Trade School focuses on team effort and students supporting students for the success of the individual. If one student wins, they all win! A maximum of eleven students will be accepted per school year, with that term running for one year. Our concentrated curriculum combined with class projects, teams and mentors is designed to create opportunities for a student portfolio and/or resume'.

Clementine Band

Jannel's band Clementine toured the country for the Squeaky Wheel® Tour in 2007, 2008, with a West Coast tour in 2009. The media, the events and the crowds helped to gain attention for America's many missing and people were found during that time frame.

2014 Squeaky Wheel® Tour

In 2014, the Squeaky Wheel® Tour visited Minneapolis/Saint Paul. The tour was joined by Patty Wetterling. The local major media covered the event at North Central University. Most importantly a family that had been waiting for media for twenty-five years finally received it for their missing daughter. It became the highlight for that tour.

2011 Squeaky Wheel® Tour

In 2011, the Squeaky Wheel® Tour gained national media recognition for the missing. People Magazine, Inside Edition and other national media outlets and major local media throughout the country covered the tour. Elizabeth Smart and her father Ed Smart joined the tour to lend their support. The nation reached out to help make a difference.

Ride for Their Lives

In 2010, Jannel embarked on a new project with her son, Elijah. The duo was part of the The Ride for Their Lives, an over 30-day cross country bike ride that was an effort to raise awareness to help create a safer country for our children.


Press Articles

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Voyage LA

April 2024 - Rising Stars Interview with Jannel.

Nebraska Now 8 ABC

October 2022 - Governor Pete Ricketts signs a proclamation to designate October 17 as Nebraska Missing Persons Day.

1011 Now KOLN KGIN

October 2022 - Article about Gina Bos and Governor Pete Ricketts signing a proclamation to designate October 17 as Nebraska Missing Persons Day.

NBC News

October 2018 - Cold case article about Gina Bos missing for 18 years.

New Jersey Daily Record

October 2014 - Article regarding the Squeaky Wheel® Tour and missing man David Bird.

San Diego Recorder

October 2011 - Interview with Jannel Rap about the Squeaky Wheel® Tour

Blog Talk Radio

November 2009 - Interview on Blog Talk Radio with Dr. Arlene Barro.

Music Connection Magazine

December 2008 - Jannel was chosen as one of the magazine's 50 Innovators, Iconoclasts, Groundbreakers, and Guidling Lights.

Unconventional Media

December 2008 - Music in Film Panel commentary regarding Jannel's web series, Finding Gina. "I was very impressed to meet Jannel Rap and hear the Country Rock sound of her band, Clementine. They've just returned from the Squeaky Wheel® Tour with a mission to help find missing persons."


Through the Years

Jannel Rap Clementine Band
Jannel and Elijah Jannel Rap
Jannel - Squeaky Wheel Tour Yosemite National Park


America Lost and Found Podcast

The Podcast is filmed and recorded at Studio 770's Blueberry Suite

The show's focus is to feature guests who have taken losses in their lives and opened their minds to discover deeper purpose. Jannel's sister, Gina Bos' disappearance taught her not to miss out on her own reason for being. Loss can swallow us up with all the emotions that accompany the grief cycle. In the case of a long term missing persons case or any of life's long term grief situations, we can get wrapped up in trying to make it go away, forget about who we are and abandon our lives. This intense focus on the pain of our loss takes our eyes away from the beauty that remains. The good that we still have to build our lives on.

If we are breathing we face loss. Loss doesn't have to sink our ship. America Lost and FOUND is on a quest to find more ways to navigate life's losses, To learn to ride the waves and avoid sinking. America Lost and FOUND and our featured guests can't pretend to know everything. We can only share what has worked for us. We don't have all the answers. This is an ongoing pursuit to lift up, encourage and ultimately supply our listeners with ideas to help them access who they were meant to be. When life's losses complicate the ability to thrive, our hope is that listeners will know that they are not alone. When listeners find a tool from our podcast that lifts them up and gives them back a reason to sing then "America Lost and FOUND" has FOUND its voice. We hope you subscribe to our podcast, but more than that we will love it when your own way to thrive.

Available wherever Podcasts are found

Keynote Speaker

Keynote Speaker Concerts

What is a Keynote Speaker Concert? It's edutainment designed to enhance your business, brand, focus group or collective; to add a unique element of inspiration for your conference attendees; a keynote speaker will share stories of humbling moments, life lessons and humor that includes excercises and original songs that emphasize creative ways to grow forward.

Jannel Rap offers unique and inspiring insight and commentary in a combination with her award-winning songwriting that will add a refreshing aspect to your event.

Examples of Keynote Speaker Concert Topics:

When Something is Missing, Don't Miss Out | Words | Make Challenge Your Ally | Everything is Practice | Gratitude for Everything | Take One Tool and Transform Your Life | Finding Purpose in the Moments (This is Your Life) | No More Chasing...Tag, You're It! | Forget Facts, I Want Truth

For booking information, please email jannelrap@gmail.com


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P.O. Box 627, Anaheim, CA 92815

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